Theatrical Music and Sound

Mission Statement

Customers/Markets /Self-concept

Martin John Gallagher makes a significant professional* contribution in music and sound design services for live theatre worldwide. A special emphasis is toward small and medium theatre companies who otherwise cannot afford high-quality musical and sound design services.

Products and services/Technologies

I am a leading innovator improving the craft and art of theatrical music and sound design by finding and introducing proven computerized audio technologies into the live theatre environment.

Concern for survival, growth and profitability

My company will be profitable enough to support a comfortable lifestyle for myself and my family. Since theatrical sound is changing rapidly in the early 21th century, a substantial portion of MJG profits will be reinvested in new technologies in order to remain innovative and allow all appropriate tools to be explored.


The power of the word and the power of music are the primary vehicles in live theatre. I believe that the tradition of live theatre provides the opportunity to feel the psychological power of transcendant art, and tell the grand stories which define the culture.

Concern for team members/employees/suppliers/sound operators

MJG believes that art is more concerned with process than result. Therefore I am committed to 1) individual learning and personal growth in the solitary aspects of the artistic process, and 2) team collaberation in the theatrical design process. Realizing that we are all on a grand adventure, I greet my fellow designers, operators, technicians, producers, directors, actors, musicians, and audience members with respect for their life experience and real joy in the gifts they bring.

* What It Means to Be a "Professional"

1. Possess and draw upon a store of knowledge that is more than ordinarily complex.

2. Possess a theoretical grasp of the practice.

3. Apply the theoretical and complex knowledge to practical solutions of human problems.

4. Add to and improve the stock of knowledge.

5. Pass that knowledge on to others deliberately and formally.

6. Own responsibility for the culture of the practice. (criteria of admission, legitimate practice, and proper conduct)

7. Care about others. (A gentling of heart brings a gentling of fate.)

written by Abraham Flexner 1990

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