You are known by the company you keep.

These are other theatrical WEB pages I enjoy. (in alphabetical order) nightmare world of the ear and the mind. Very Cool Work! Based here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Artists Repertory Theatre-I was the Resident Sound Designer here in the '90s in Portland, Oregon I won two Portland Drama Critics Awards (Drammys) in 1998 and 1999 for Sound Design while with this company.

Burlingame Vintage Radio Restorations -How about a beautiful vintage radio to listen to modern radio drama?!! Restorations and sales. I love working with folks who are really INTO IT! Based here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

CultureNet Home Page-Canada has really got a fine service here. I wish there was something this cool in the U.S.

Lakewood Theatre Company-a fine small theatre company I designed for in a suburb of Portland, Oregon

-I was the Resident Sound Designer at this company for several years. Its American Classics Theatre Festival was established in 1996. They are committed to bringing pro-quality theatre to Gresham, Oregon and the east counties of Portland.

Oregon Children's Theatre-I was the Sound Designer for this company for several years in the '90s.

-This wonderful series, produced by Marc Rose and the wonderful Jerrel McQuen, is currently broadcast on XM Satellite Radio. Marc is a most talented musical composer, writer, producer and engineer. Jerrel is a fantastic illustrator and writer. What a Team! Also based here in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Tacoma Little Theatre-A long standing small theatre company with a great history in Tacoma, Washington. One of several I designed for in that area.

Theatre Sound Designer and Composer Webring

<United States Institute for Theatre Technology-My professional organization. If you are a professional, you should belong to the professional organization of your craft. This one is the premiere organization for theatrical technicians.

The Willamette Radio Workshop - a spectacular (and very fun) professional theatrical organization dedicated to the creation of original material for presentation on the radio, Internet and compact disk. Their international awards include The Chrystal Communicator Award for Excellence and Ogle Awards for two years!

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